About the Scalawag


My name is Patrick. I grew up in Auburn, Alabama; lived there from age 4 to 18, plus a few summers after that. I’ve been living in Philadelphia ever since.

(Note: the header image is the waterfall at Chewacla State Park, about a 15-minute drive from my parents’ house in Auburn. Photo from Flickr.)

About four years ago, I bought an electric smoker on impulse (and deep discount) from Lowe’s. It was this Brinkmann:


Thus began my descent into barbecue madness. I’ve been using it happily all four years, averaging 4-5 cooks per year. I’ve done brisket, turkey, chicken, and tofu, but my favorite meat is good ol’ pork shoulder butt. I unfortunately don’t cook as often as I’d like, and using the electric feels like a cop out.

But hopefully that will change. I’m rededicating myself to the art of barbecue; I figure I owe that much to my home state, even though in many (or most) respects, I still think it’s pretty awful and backwards. (Hence the name of this blog). But I’m determined to find some good, even if it comes in the form of a legacy of meat cooked low and slow.

This blog will document my exploration of barbecue, serving as a log of things done right, things done wrong, and everything in between.

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