Barbecue heretofore

I mentioned that until now, I’ve been using an electric smoker, a Brinkmann. It’s served me reasonably well, offering a set-and-forget simplicity that made sense for a beginner, and that I didn’t think I’d get any other way.

My normal routine for pork butt (by far my most common cook) is a rub (usually The Renowned Mr. Brown) followed by a night in the refrigerator, then another coating of rub and into the smoker. Once in, I’ve gotten reasonably good results by misting with half-and-half apple juice/cider vinegar ever hour or two, and replacing hickory chunks about half as often. (I think that’s led to oversmoking, really.)

I’ve tried a couple other rubs, like this coffee one, and one based on al pastor, but I usually change it up with sauces. (Truth be told, I’m not able to tell a huge difference among rubs; that could be a result of the over-smoking.) I’ll address sauces in another post.

Some past results:

Soon, though, I’m making the transition to a charcoal cook. More on that in the UDS post

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