UDS Build, Part 2

UDS build continued today with the Big Poppa Smoker kit arriving home yesterday, thanks to Liz and her bike basket.

Even though the drum is unlined and only held maple syrup, I felt like I should at least try to burn the paint off first. I was planning on inviting over a couple friends, Jonathan and Nicole, and having a Friday-night bonfire, but the weather was uncooperative. (Ended up getting Indian and playing Cards instead.)

Set to work on the UDS this morning. First, laid out all the various ports and gadgets and bolt-holes with paper templates. Then drilled them out using the kindly-included step drill bit. (Note: do not drill metal wearing loafers without socks. Hot steel shavings are HOT stuck between one’s foot and shoe.)

After that, it was fire time. Used a few bushels of firewood from the hardware store, plus some cardboard that just happened to be around:

Now that the fire has died, the orange is completely gone, but it looks like the paint hasn’t all flaked off from the inside or the outside. I think I’m going to scrape off what I can with a wire brush and then go for it with paint.

The paint I picked out is an enamel meant for engine parts. Other builds use high-heat Rustoleum, but I hear that this holds up a little better. We’ll see.

I got two cans of black, plus one of white for some decoration. I made this stencil a few days ago:

I used this excellent tutorial. I think it’ll turn out well on the UDS. Now I just have to come up with a name for the cooker. I do call the dog “butt sitter” a lot (since she is wont to sit on her butt), so maybe…

Next up: paint and assembly.

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