UDS Build, Part 3.2 or so

Time for paint. The extra spray enamel came this week, so I could get to work. I also trucked out to Northeast Philly to pick up a dome lid that almost fits. (I think it’ll be for a future expansion, as soon as I need two levels, i.e., when 25 pounds of meat capacity isn’t enough.)

(Dog is included in all because I know what you like, internet.)

After the last of the paint went on and had a chance to cure, I was ready to stencil on some personalization, first seen here.

2013-08-17 12.57.54

Yes, it’s upside-down, since I had most recently painted the bottom of the drum. Yes, I double-checked. No, I didn’t mess it up. I think it turned out pretty well, despite the worst spray adhesive in the history of anything holding the stencil on:

You hear me, "Best Test Repositionable Adhesive"? Yeah, I'm talking to you.

You hear me, “Best Test Repositionable Adhesive”? Yeah, I’m talking to you.

Seriously, don’t buy it.

Next up: assembly!

Update: I realized I gave myself a sandal “tan”. Yes, that is black spray paint. Yes, it is in the shape of Birkenstock straps.


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