UDS paint whoopsie

Cleaned out the drum this morning and let it dry for a few hours. Started painting after returning home from brunch.

I got a decent coat on 80% of the outside and about 30% of the inside when my first can of paint ran dry. Second can did the rest of the outside, plus a half-decent coat on the rest of the inside and the lid. I figured I just went on too heavy, until I saw that each can says it’ll cover 12-14 square feet, and calculated that a 55-gallon drum has about 48 square feet of surface area, counting the inside, outside, top and bottom.

2013-08-11 15.00.07

Ordered two more cans. Guess I’ll finish up next weekend.

Going to try to put up some posts this week about recipes for rubs and sauces, plus my experience with thermometers and other gadgets. Considering some other commitments, I’m aiming for the first cook happening on Labor Day weekend (which is weirdly early this year; thanks seven-day week).

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