Vacation smoking

Had a few things going on this week, none of which really helped move things with the new UDS along. Though I did get a nice picture of the dog in front of it before assembly:

2013-08-21 09.53.09

Speaking of assembly, I realized that one of the kit pieces, the shield, only has one of two holes drilled in it. I could do it, but I figured it was worth it to wait a few days for them to send a replacement. Fortunately, they were able and willing to do so with no problem whatsoever. Good customer service from Big Poppa Smokers. Should arrive tomorrow or so.

This weekend we went down to visit my extended family in Northern Virginia. My uncle has the same electric smoker I do, and I got a chance to make a brisket that turned out really nicely:

Rub was just salt, pepper, and coriander for about 12 hours, then about 7 hours in the smoker with a couple chunks of hickory. I crutched it at 160, then pulled it off at 205. A little over what I wanted, but it still sliced really nicely, as you can see above. (My uncle has this knife, which I had been eyeing before I tried it out. Now it’s definitely on my list before I make brisket again.)

A little earlier in the week, inspired by a post on Metafilter, I picked this up from Pathmark. You can probably guess what the single ingredient is.

2013-08-20 18.58.47

If you think you’re allergic or sensitive…

Plus, science backs up that it’s a placebo effect! (If anything, it’s just the sodium.)

Anyway, it’ll probably be making some small appearances in sauces and sides in the future.

Assembly of the UDS is definitely going to be this week. Haven’t decided whether or not to cook this weekend. (If not, I’ll probably just do a charcoal dry run.) Some friends requested pork for a party next weekend, and I’m debating the necessity of doing a trial run before that.

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