Weekday BBQ blues

Quiet week around here, barbecue-wise. A bit of stuff going on behind the scenes, though.

  • Think I located a domed grill lid, which would replace the flat drum lid I ground off and allow me to put in another grate, for two cooking levels. Going to try to pick it up in Northeast Philly Saturday morning.
  • Two more cans of engine enamel spray paint came from Amazon, so I should be able to finish off the painting.  Still have to figure out a way to get the floor of the drum without suffocating myself by crawling in and spraying.
  • Still planning for an inaugural cook over Labor Day weekend. Might have lined up a second cook for the weekend after, despite telling the hosts of said party that there’s no guarantee I’ll have the ideal cooking parameters down by then. No guarantee I’ll even want to do it two weekends in a row.
  • I think I’m also going to go pork-hunting tomorrow. The warehouse-club stuff, despite being inexpensive, is just not cutting it. Hopefully I’ll find a middle ground between that and Whole Food$ in the Italian Market or Reading Terminal. Wonder if they’ll give me a discount on 100+ pounds… (Thanks, chest freezer!)
  • More real updates coming soon, probably tomorrow. Perhaps a post about sauce (with recipe) later today. Half day today at work.

A dog picture to make up for lack of any real content:

Saturday morning crazy eyes.

Saturday morning crazy eyes.

Stay tuned.

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