And we’re back!

…Sort of.

Haven’t had the opportunity for much (any) cooking recently, but I’m hoping to do some smaller-scale experimenting in the near future. When making barbecue in the past, the cooking has been easy; it’s throwing the party that’s an expensive PITA.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 1.11.57 PM

Side note: my first post on Serious Eats is live. (Not BBQ related, sadly, but I did get to profile one of my favorite food trucks.)


Cucina Zapata’s menu and owner, Robert Zapata. (Photograph: Patrick Crutchley)

If you’re visiting for the first time from Serious Eats, welcome! More content coming soon, I promise; this is a project in its early stages (and it doesn’t help that I started it at the end of the summer). In the meantime, check out my UDS (ugly/upright drum smoker) build, and the first BBQ to come out of it.

Stay tuned!

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