Prep for first cook

This is an after-the-fact post, since the first cook on my new UDS is basically done. (Much quicker than expected, but that’ll be in the next post.)

First order of business was a dry run to try to start getting the adjustments dialed in. I ran the smoker empty with about a half-chimney of unlit coals and a half-chimney of lit coals (the “Minion” method).

Turned out to be way to hot to start out with, but I was able to dial it in to about 225 after a little while, and keep it there with, admittedly, pretty frequent adjustment for about 3 hours. I’m thinking that was due to the lack of thermal mass with an empty drum, though.

Before the first cook, I made one last modification to the UDS:
2013-08-31 21.25.06

A shitty picture, admittedly, but I had just been crawling inside the thing for fifteen minutes trying to thread some lock washers and nuts. Worth it, though– much more convenient.

Details on the inaugural cook in the next post.

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