And we’re back!

…Sort of. Haven’t had the opportunity for much (any) cooking recently, but I’m hoping to do some smaller-scale experimenting in the near future. When making barbecue in the past, the cooking has been easy; it’s throwing the party that’s an expensive PITA. Side note: my first post on Serious Eats is live. (Not BBQ related,…

2013-09-01 20.42.40

Inaugural cook!

After all that build-up and building, it’s time to actually put this UDS to use. Payload is pork and chicken. The pork is done in a simple “Dalmatian” rub: equal parts salt, pepper, and turbinado sugar. The poultry is SE’s “Cornell chicken” recipe: marinated overnight in herby white (mayo-based) barbecue sauce. Pork: Fired up the…

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Prep for first cook

This is an after-the-fact post, since the first cook on my new UDS is basically done. (Much quicker than expected, but that’ll be in the next post.) First order of business was a dry run to try to start getting the adjustments dialed in. I ran the smoker empty with about a half-chimney of unlit…

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Gadget est arrivé!

If there’s one thing* that (almost) never fails to make me happy, it’s a new gadget. And this one came highly recommended. * If there’s another thing, it’s using bastard French that my wife will surely call me out on, but that I’m not going to fix.